Visiting the Bereaved

Many people visit bereaved friends, relatives, friends of relatives and relatives of friends.

This is a noble act and highly encouraged.

We should exhort them to be patient and beseech Allah, on their behalf, to grant them better than what they used to get from the deceased.

We should avoid wailing, crying, cursing and other signs of grief as we’ll only be sinning and making things hard on them.

If there comes people who cry, wail or curse; we should convince them to avoid these acts as they do not help, but make things worse.

While there’s no limit to the assistance we can render, let’s be moderate. Avoid alcohol, dancing, singing and other disliked or haram acts.

We should also be careful not to put off our responsibilities in the name of consoling a bereaved.

May Allah forgive the deceased and bless them. And May He Provide Succour and Strength to us as we mourn our dead.