Ayo Sogunro’s plea #occupyNIGERIA

Here’s a thought-provoking piece I came across this morning. I hope it helps answer questions you have in mind about the ongoing “#occupyNigeria” movement in Nigeria:


The President is Not Better than You Are, or Maybe Not
I have a few words for you.

After spending about seven hours walking in protest on the long, hot highway from Yaba to Ojota, I went back home cramped and tired. I got to my little kitchen and discovered insufficient cooking gas. There was nothing else available to eat. I grabbed a can of beer and crashed on the sofa hungrily wondering what the hell possessed me to go out protesting the fuel subsidy removal (#fuelsubsidyremoval) in the first place.

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Trust & Nigeria: Our unborn children need us

January 1st, 2012. Nigerians got a gift. The PPPRA’s announcement of government’s removal of its subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS / Petrol). Prompting an immediate hike in pump price. Continue reading “Trust & Nigeria: Our unborn children need us”

Class Base-36 (alphabets and numbers as digits) conversion

Recently I find me writing code that requires having a “code” for each item saved. To make my tasks easier and portable, I have created a PHP class called base36 to automate the task of converting to and from base10 (integer). The class is included below. A second class base26 is included in case you’d prefer to use just alphabets. Continue reading “Class Base-36 (alphabets and numbers as digits) conversion”

Easy Automated cPanel BackUp

Hi there,

After attempting a manual backup of 75 sites, i got tired and tried to google an answer to my issue i found this: http://forums.cpanel.net/f49/script-backup-only-sql-only-homedir-139881.html except this meant a cron job, and probably creating a file per domain. for 75 domains i felt too lazy to try that. so I extended it and encapsulated it in a class. Here’s the script I use now:

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