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System DSN creation in Windows 7

I cant fathom why the creation of a DSN in Windows 7 had to get hidden… Going through the control panel, I spent a number of minutes scanning through the icons to locate anything related to DSN. No Luck.

Ok, how about creating via the ‘My Data Sources’ Folder under my documents? oh well, more tough luck as all i can do with that is create a file DSN. Oh, and DSN is short for ‘Data Source Name’. It is mostly needed to connect to a data source (access database, sql server database or the likes) without having to open the application that owns the database… or something like that :D. A System DSN is available system-wide… Big Difference.

Anyways, I am trying to create this Data Source Name (DSN) to connect to an access database but cant locate the control panel icon to manage DSNs on my system. Then it hits me *KA BOOOM*… why not try the name of the ODBC application… “odbcad32.exe“. I just typed this in the RUN dialog and there it is… the elusive ODBC Data Source Administrator Panel.

Bottom line: run “odbcad32.exe” to open the ODBC Data Source Administrator in case you need to manage your DSNs on Windows 7. Cheers!!